Body Brush – Skin Knowledge

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A unique Skin Knowledge natural  brush for skin that is smooth, firm and glowy.

Body brushing is one of the best methods of treating cellulite and eliminate toxins from the body at home by stimulating the circulatory system by increasing blood flow and lymphatic system to help detoxify and bring nutrients to feed the skin. Body brush in the morning before you shower to reveal fresher, brighter, smoother skin on the body with this natural bristle brush and only takes 5 minutes or less. Much like lymphatic massage, this unique brush is the only skin approved brush that also includes nodes to gently drain and massage away harmful toxins that can cause cellulite from beneath the skin’s surface to leave the skin clear, smooth and cellulite free. Effectively exfoliate dry and dead skin cells, clear pores and encourage skin’s natural collagen production.

Anti-Cellulite/Body Detox Massage: (5 minutes daily)                                                                                                                          SIMPLE TO USE: On dry skin, place one leg on a stool, start from the feet, use 3 x long, firm strokes upwards towards the heart, work up the leg, front and back draining to the lymph nodes to the knee. From the knee to the top of the thigh to the groin, front and back of the leg, working the long strokes upwards on buttocks area. From right to left gentle strokes on the abdomen area x 3 circles. Very gentle upward strokes on the breast area, 3 x upward strokes on underarm area and lastly the arms 3 x long strokes up the arms, back of arms to the shoulder. It is normal that this effective massage creates pinkness in the skin, bringing fresh blood and lymph  in to the skin surface, carrying toxins away from beneath the skin surface, exfoliating dead skin cells, stimulating better collagen and healthier looking skin. For dietary advice on how to reduce cellulite and toxins from the body, please talk to our nutritionist/skin professional.