The At-Home Eye Treatment That Really Works

March 15, 2021

The New Non- Surgical Eye Treatment That Really Works

Eye Tite

Professional Treatments at Home

If you want to reduce puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and boost collagen around the eye area, this ground-breaking new device could be your solution, promising firmer-looking skin, a reduction in dark circles and under eye bags. Eye Tite is a non-invasive device that is suitable for use on all skin types (except very sensitive) and for ages from 20-75+ years. Eye Tite uses the latest in technology, making your home treatments safe, effective with amazing results.


The Technology is a Cut Above

Using EMS (bio electric current) and CLIP lifting technology to contract the muscles of the eye area, lifting and pulsing to drain fluid, stimulate the production of collagen, elastin fibres, increasing skin cell activity and hyaluronic levels. Eye Tite strengthens the muscles, like a mini workout for the eye area, much like your gym workout to strengthen the muscles of the body. The short treatment feels comfortable and relaxing, a lifting, pulsing sensation is experienced.


Eye Tite is Easy to Use

The device is incredibly easy to use. For best result, a high quality Aloe Vera gel or Aqua+ Serum (hyaluronic acid) needs to be applied to the entire eye area, including the upper eye and brow area as a glide and a conductor for the microcurrent. Starting from the inner corner of the lower eye area, apply gentle pressure, working outwards towards the ear, repeat up to 10 times. The device can be used over the eyebrow area to help lift the brows. Choose from three intensity options, low, medium and high. Before you start moving the device along the skin, it’s recommended you start off low and slow, building up gradually as the weeks progress. Use Eye Tite every day for 5 days a week and each time you treat the eye area it should take between 3-5 minutes on each eye and for a minimum of 2-3 days a week.


The Device Earns Five Star Reviews

Thanks to the instant, gratifying results, Eye Tite earns consistently high reviews. You’ll notice a difference in your eye area even after the first treatment, just be sure to keep it up. Working like exercise for the face it needs consistent upkeep to maintain results. Try to incorporate it in to your regime at least 2-3 times a week, consistency is key. You can also use it as a quick fix, giving your eye area a speedy, revitalising boost before a date night or heading out!


Not Everyone Should Use Eye Tite 

While Eye Tite is a safe and effective CE Approved device, for those with eye allergies, skin diseases or open wounds are advised not to use it. It is not suitable for anyone with a pacemaker or any similar implants. It is not advised if you are pregnant.


How to care for your Eye Tite

Please wipe the device after each use with isopropyl alcohol to prevent product build up and to keep it hygienically clean and dry thoroughly. Please store your device in a dry area and away from children.

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