glo Body Smooth

An invigorating treatment, including dry skin brushing, using  Skin Knowledge body brushes to reduce cellulite, increase circulation to the skin, aid in the reduction of fluid, toxin retention and cellulite, followed by customised body scrub and moisturising  serum and hydration. 

*To continue the effectiveness of our body treatments we recommend the *Skin Knowledge Body Brush as part of  your daily  routine to reveal fresher, brighter skin, release harmful toxins, improve circulation and reduce cellulite. Body brush for just 5 minutes (on dry skin) before your shower or bath 3-5 times a week. The Skin Knowledge Body Brush is available to purchase from our online store.

RF Skin tightening

Firm and tone skin, improve skin health and increase elasticity on the arms, abdomen and buttocks with RF radiofrequency  to boost collagen production, tighten and firm, improving skin appearance.

glo Body Smooth
Single Treatment€95
Course of 3€269
RF Skin Tightening
Single Treatment€169
Course of 3€495

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