Eye Treatments

Brow Tips

If you have a special occasion or wedding date in your diary, see a  brow professional 6 months in advance, this will allow time for a brow makeover. Our brow therapist recommends you grow your brows for 4-6 weeks before your initial appointment for proper shaping. No tweezing or waxing during this period.  A 4 week appointment will be scheduled thereafter. The final appointment will be scheduled 2-4 days before the big day to allow any pinkness in the skin to settle and for a super groomed look.

Please Note: Skin testing is required for first time clients prior to tinting and wax treatments.

Lash lift – the natural alternative to lash extensions

iAppeal* is a revolutionary eyelash lift system. The benefits include

  • Enhances the lashes by lifting from the root
  • Opens up the eyes, creating length in lashes
  • Suitable for short and long lashes
  • Results can last up to 8 weeks!
  • Perfect results every time!

*A patch test is required before the i-appeal treatment

Please Note – at glo Skin Clinic we are conscious of the health and safety of our clients before, during and after each of our treatments. We have a policy of sterilising our implements before use and apply the highest hygiene standards to prevent the spread of pathogens.

Eyebrow wax and tweeze€12
Eye lash tint€14
Eyebrow tint€10
Eyebrow wax & Tint€20
Lash & brow tint€20
Eye Trio - Eyebrow wax, lash & brow tint€26
Lash lift treatment (inc. free lash tint)€50

Post Treatment care for best results

  • As oxidation occurs for 24 hours following the treatment, it is important that the client carries out the aftercare advised:
  •  Avoid wearing make-up or getting lashes wet for 24 hours
  •  Avoid rubbing the lashes
  •  Avoid sleeping on lashes
  •  No sunbed or tanning for 24 hours


Please let your therapist know if you have any of the following:
Conjunctivitis, stye, blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids), skin infections, impetigo, herpes simplex, ringworm, severe bruising and recent eye surgery.

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